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The LAHS Tea Time club is an opportunity for parents to meet once a month to discuss and to learn more about:

  • Los Altos High School’s graduation and college entrance requirements,

  • How to navigate through the American school system by understanding transcripts, GPA, AP vs Honors, etc.,

  • Topics that are important to the development of our students and how to support your child as he/she grows up in a multicultural environment.

  • Transition information for 8th-grade families and students

  • Parenting skills to help support your teenager child and how to improve yourself in all areas, physically and spiritually

LAHS 家长茶会每月举办一次,给家长介绍以下信息:

  • LAHS学生毕业和大学入学要求

  • 理解美国高中系统,包括:成绩、GPA、 AP及Honors课程等

  • 如何支持孩子在多元文化环境下健康成长

  • 提供8年级家长和孩子从初中到高中的过渡信息

  • 家长如何支持帮助孩子,以及如何改善自己的身心健康

We believe all parents can support their teenager child, can improve themself in all areas, physically and spiritually

Our Mission

Sharing experiences and lessons on how to support our child as he/she grows up in a multicultural environment.


Our Vision

Our vision is a new way of educating our teenager child - one that delivers growth by understanding and supporting.

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